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Relationship Therapy

Problems that can be helped with relationship therapy:

    •  Communication
    •  Conflict Resolution Skills
    •  Feelings of Loneliness and Distance
    •  Infidelity
    •  Sexual Issues and Incompatibility
    •  Ineffective Problem-Solving Strategies
    •  In-Law Relationship Issues
    •  Post-Divorce Counseling
    •  Infertility and Reproductive Issues
    •  Grief and Loss

Relationship therapy begins to help partners see one another with fresh and different perspectives. We will work collaboratively to develop your listening and empathizing skills to break impasses and feelings of hopelessness and disappointment.

You will learn valuable new skills that will make changes in your relationship possible. With these new tools, couples can decide how to move forward in the most empowering ways. The techniques I use are influenced by the following theories:  Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Relationship Therapy.

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